Coral reefs are the tropical forests of the sea. They represent 7% of the Earth Globe and are the hosts to nearly 2 to 4 millions of living species. As essential as trees, the disparition of corals could lead to the collapse of extraordinary ecosystems.

Located in Bali, this corals regeneration project called “Pur Coral” aims at collecting and rehabilitating broken corals by illegal fishing and marine pollution. Our partner, PUR Projet, supports local techniques allowing to offer a platform for growth for corals.

To insure the sustainability of this project, PUR Projet works collaboratively with local populations.

Supporting this project through our products is contributing to the restauration and preservation of these precious areas of marine biodiversity. Soutenir ce projet au travers de nos produits, c’est contribuer à la restauration de ces précieuses zones de biodiversité marines.